Transgender Sports Craziness

National Australian women’s handball team

Biden has recently changed rules via executive order to allow transgender women, who are biological males, to enter into women’s competitions in sports. There is nothing short of a war going on out there over this, mostly in the confines of social media. Massive confusion prevails elsewhere, and since the politically correct thing to do is support biological males who have declared themselves women to be in women’s sports and spaces, most liberals support that position.

I do not, simply because it is unfair to women. Once born in a male body, you will never be a female body fully, or even close. Men are different than women. Being transgender only means that in your mind you feel like you are the opposite sex of your body. It’s a mental thing, not a body thing.

So far they have found no physical differences in the brains of trans people, or in chromosomes, although they have found physical differences in genetics and brains between hetero and homosexual people. Transgender is something that you feel you are, it does not mean it is not real, it does mean it does not affect your body type. Accepting trans–as we should–does not mean accepting that they are identical to their new body type.

Transgender people may go through hormone therapy and surgery to create the opposite sex/gender but a complete change can never fully be done. Most of those calling themselves transgender have not done all that, many have done nothing to change their bodies over, at all. Sports governing bodies have tried to allow trans women to play in women’s sports if they do enough hormone therapy, but that has proven to be insufficient to lower men’s physical strength enough to be on a par with women.

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