FAIR founder proposes new way to combat racism

The Pro-Human Answer to Intolerance & Racism | Bion Bartning – YouTube

This is FAIR founder Bion Bartning speaking to why he opposes critical race theory and suggesting a new approach, which is really the old MLK civil rights approach that has been so successful.

I recently joined FAIR because I share their rejection of CRT as an overly negative, cynical and ultimately disastrous approach to race relations. Their Board of Advisors is most impressive and includes Steven Pinker, John McWhorter, Thomas Chatterton Williams and a lot of very impressive and successful thought leaders. Another is Wilfred Reilly, who is a great twitter follow who shares all kinds of good information, that’s @wil_da_beast630.

Give it a watch.

2 thoughts on “FAIR founder proposes new way to combat racism”

  1. Thanks for all the links and connections. It is encouraging to know there are intelligent and competent people who are objecting to CRT. FIRE was informative and FAIR looks worth checking out. After teaching for 19 years I know that MLK and Slavery is thoroughly taught in High School. English class ALWAYS taught Black literature, either a book or a play or both. Plus a lot of supportive material regarding MLK speech analysis, current news articles, Harlem Renaissance, etc. I recommend Peter Wood’s book that is an excellent rebuttal to the 1619 Project. Wow, there is a battle for the minds of people and students. Let’s hope common sense prevails!

    • thanks, yes, it is good to hear directly that racism has been taught, they really just want to change what and how it is taught. I’ll check out the Wood book, had not hear of it, thanks.


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