Dysphoric Documentary

This is a new documentary exploring the very complicated world of a new phenomenon, gender dysphoria. It is a good introduction to what is happening told through the stories and insights of professional counselors, transitioners themselves, and detransitioners for whom transition did not work.

It has become a crises that is gradually worsening for teen age girls who are often being led toward serious medical procedures that will alter their bodies for life. It reminds me of the crisis of anorexia and other eating disorders, only the damage for those for whom it was a mistake is longer lasting. The real tragedy here is that it is not being allowed to be discussed to some great extent by transgender activists and liberals who support them, as any mention of the problems immediately brings charges of transphobia and a shut down of the conversation.

That really struck home to me when JK Rowling tweeted that people who menstruate are women, suggesting that erasing women in this manner was wrong, Rowling was responding to a court case in which a woman lost her job for tweeting that there were men and women. Her young stars in the Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, declared her publicly to be a transphobe. Rowling endured huge blowback including numerous death threats for simply suggesting that there were men and women.

This documentary will help you understand what the issues are and what is at stake in this rapidly growing crisis for young women.

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