Transgender Sports Craziness

National Australian women’s handball team

Biden has recently changed rules via executive order to allow transgender women, who are biological males, to enter into women’s competitions in sports. There is nothing short of a war going on out there over this, mostly in the confines of social media. Massive confusion prevails elsewhere, and since the politically correct thing to do is support biological males who have declared themselves women to be in women’s sports and spaces, most liberals support that position.

I do not, simply because it is unfair to women. Once born in a male body, you will never be a female body fully, or even close. Men are different than women. Being transgender only means that in your mind you feel like you are the opposite sex of your body. It’s a mental thing, not a body thing.

So far they have found no physical differences in the brains of trans people, or in chromosomes, although they have found physical differences in genetics and brains between hetero and homosexual people. Transgender is something that you feel you are, it does not mean it is not real, it does mean it does not affect your body type. Accepting trans–as we should–does not mean accepting that they are identical to their new body type.

Transgender people may go through hormone therapy and surgery to create the opposite sex/gender but a complete change can never fully be done. Most of those calling themselves transgender have not done all that, many have done nothing to change their bodies over, at all. Sports governing bodies have tried to allow trans women to play in women’s sports if they do enough hormone therapy, but that has proven to be insufficient to lower men’s physical strength enough to be on a par with women.

Men are clearly superior to women at sports, because they involve strength, and men are stronger than women, not just generally but almost uniformly. The top professional women’s basketball team can easily be beaten by your average high school boys team. Trans right supporters frequently claim that there are some women who are stronger, but that is so rare and a woman who has built herself up can’t come close to a man who has similarly built himself up, in other words, on a par. A built up woman may compete with a man who has not built himself up, but that is not what we are talking about here and the efforts to compare them to justify the intrusion of biological males into women’s sports and spaces are absurd.

Here’s a video clip of Hannah Mouncey, a trans woman who is playing for the National Australian hand ball team which is pictured above. Virtually every time she gets the ball she scores, the women cannot stop her.

Scientific research has shown that even with extensive hormone replacement therapy men are still stronger than women. Zach Elliott of the Paradox Institute has studied this extensively and has this short clip in which he dispassionately goes over the scientific research. It’s only eight minutes long but it is devastating to the idea that women can physically compete with men:

Even a one percent advantage is huge at the higher levels of sport. In Olympics running events, the differences between the Gold medal and 10th place can be measured in fractions of seconds.

From the video clip:

“Compared to untrained and moderately trained females, equivalent males exhibit 45% more lean body mass and 30% less fat. In muscle mass, 33% more lower body and 40% more upper body. In muscle strength, 7% more grip strength and 54% more knee extension peak torque. In anthropometry and bone geometry, 9.4% greater femur length, 12% greater humerus length, and 14.6% radius length. In tendon properties, 83% more force and 41 more stiffness. In terms of the amount of oxygen one can utilize during intense exercise, known as VO2 max, males are able to utilize between 25% and 50 more oxygen.”

There’s more, but men have physical advantages over women that are never going to be erased with surgery and drugs to change gender identification.

Frankly, it is absurd to think women can compete with biological males/trans women in sports, we all have observed how much stronger men are than women, and frankly the Emperor has no clothes here. It shouldn’t even require reviewing scientific studies to understand this, but unfortunately that is how absurd this whole thing has gotten that we have to do that.

In the name of trying to be fair to one group, trans women, we are being wholly unfair to another group, women in sports. All of us have some physical or other limitation which prevents us from being able to do things others can do that don’t have them. I can reach the top shelf in our kitchen where my wife being shorter cannot. That is not a cause for social activism. I am 5’10” and despite having been quite a good basketball player in my youth, I am too short to be able to play in the NBA. Should we require the NBA to take shorter players? After all, short people have been discriminated against.

It is just as absurd to require women’s sports to take in biological males to compete as it would be for professional men’s basketball to be required to take in shorter men due to discrimination.

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  1. Well written essay with lots of good points ! It is unfair to have “trans” men compete in sports with women athletes, from High School to College and professionally. Much more scientific research into the psychology of WHY someone feels different than their biological sex needs to be done. Madeline Kearns, a Scottish writer, reports on the “Tragedy of the Trans Child” in essays she writes for the National Review. Kearns reports that many of the teenagers who experience a “gender crisis” are female, have some cognitive problems, and exhibit or are autistic. Since 2016 teen females account for over 70% of all sex reassignment surgeries. Kearns said this in a book review of Abigail Shrier’s titled “Irreversible Damage”. This all seems to be an extension of Leftist politics pushing for new territory in Civil Rights. This whole trans identity idea really needs a dose of common sense: why are children desiring to be the opposite sex? As a public school teacher, I had 7 students who identified with the opposite sex, 6 females and 1 male. All were 16 yrs. old and acted like it. It amounted to me calling them by a new name and that was about it. The bottom line for me was, how do they know such a drastic change at such a young age? They are very influenced by media and very vulnerable. It seems like a very small percentage of the population is transgender but those children, some as young as 13, going through sex change operations, is very damaging and plain wrong.

    • yeah, I agree with you. With teenage girls it used to be eating disorders, now the trendy thing is to turn into boys. Which is fine, but when you take puberty blockers and have “top” surgery, a double mastectomy, you are stuck for life.
      I used to think getting a tattoo was bad…

      and thank you

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