Twitter tonight

is crazy from reacting to what is going on. People who usually agree with each other are disagreeing, there is a sense of fragmenting.

I just saw this:

Wow is all I can say. The turmoil on twitter between the Trump supporters and others in various stages of agreement/disagreement is remarkable. A lot are angry that twitter banned Trump for the rest of his term, but to me he is promoting violence, inciting a riot clearly. He fingered Mike Pence in his speech before they stormed the capital, and a lot of them were calling for Pence’s execution at the riot. They built a gallows and the police have found evidence that they were planning on kidnapping him, Pelosi and others. That threat may not be over.

Watching more video inside the Capital it also appears there was a lot more violence than has so far gotten out there, The police were clearly pushing back at the rioters quite a bit. I don’t like Chris Hayes because he seems like a propagandist, but this clip has several of the more important scenes to see.

This isn’t over yet people.

Kamala Harris was  too quick to  start talking about racism in the lack of response by police.  It is starting to show that the police did respond as best they could, but it is true they did not seem to be prepared. But who expects the President to attack his own country? I think we were all caught off guard by that, despite all the obvious rhetoric leading up to it.

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