Denial goes both ways

Reading all the reactions to the Capital Hill riot, one is struck by how much denial people seem to be in. The Trump supporters are trying to legitimize this by saying they were reacting to a fraudulent election. What else could they do to prove it was fair? I have had some of them say they need a forensic recount of the votes. What in the world?

There were about 60 court cases filed in which zero evidence was presented of voting fraud. Judges that could have ordered recounts would have if they found any errors, instead Guiliani and company had no evidence of any election fraud. Georgia, the state Trump focused on most as fraudulent, conducted three complete recounts. The last one was by hand, millions of ballots recounted by hand. No fraud. Republican Governors, Republican Secretaries of State, Republican US Senators all confirmed, no election fraud. The count was accurate.

Trump lost, plain and simple. He has been saying election fraud since before the election even happened. He lied. And his supporters are suffering for it, and in denial that they were lied to, they won’t admit it, maybe because they just have too much invested in this guy. And they are paying for it and will continue to pay for it.

Democrats, on the other hand, are in denial about antifa/BLM, thousands of businesses were destroyed this summer, major damage and long term damage to so many people’s lives, and Democrats pretend that it didn’t even happpen. They barely acknowledge it.  Biden just said two weeks before the election that antifa was just an idea.

While I have been watching nightly video’s of antifa trashing Portland, setting fires to police stations, smashing out the windows of people’s cars who inadvertently drive down the wrong street. BLM/antifa rioted in Pennsylvania two weeks before the election then Biden pretended like they didn’t exist. Exit polling in Penn showed that 88% of voters there said the riots affected their vote. I think that is why the election got so close in Penn.

Yet to Democrats, mostly they don’t even acknowledge it even happened, and when it is mentioned, well, it was necessary to combat racism.

That is not combatting racism.

People are choosing denial and pretending to ignore what is in front of their faces because it is more important to be on a team than it is to tell the truth right now. People are scared, and what you do is draw back into a zone of safety, belonging in one camp or the other.

It’s not going to work. I think what is coming up is chaos from the left now that Trump is out. Kamala Harris is saying that if the Capital protestors had of been black, the Capital would have been protected. She doesn’t know that, that is speculation. We don’t need that right now. There could be other reasons, like maybe the reason is that the police got so severely criticized and blamed during the BLM/anitifa riots that they are not trying to deescalate.  Or maybe no one expected the President of the U.S. to order an attack on his own country and everyone was caught flat footed. Or maybe some other reasons, maybe we should wait for an investigation before making speculation like that.

I have said before that when the government fails to make order, it spreads and it will eventually spread to people who just like to do violence because they see others getting away with it. That is largely what happened, the rioters were not punished and now look what you have, record crime rates in cities like Minneapolis and other cities that allowed rioters to get away with it. From no political affiliation, its just crime, its just violence.

The right wingers who stormed the Capital observed all that and fully expected to get away with it. As many of them as possible need to do jail time, serious jail time. The same with antifa/BLM, look at the serious problems Portland is having now just trying to contain it. They can’t. It could really spread this year, and as long as the Democratic leadership just focuses on blaming racism for everything and not dealing with that is actually happening on the ground it is going to get worse.


4 thoughts on “Denial goes both ways”

  1. This has been my point of view. Well said. I am writing my own response, but it is nearly identical to yours.

    • thanks Paul, look forward to seeing your piece. I think I am going to start writing daily or nearly daily to get my thoughts out. I like the blog better because a lot of my fb friends don’t want to hear it, and fb is sort of not that great a medium for real discussion.

  2. Thank you for this response Michael. I believe I saw a quick view of a FB post of your’s that seemed a bit inflammatory, to me, in the last two days. This approach is more of what I am used to and seeking from you, for my own self. Lots of balanced truth. Thank you. It seems I saw an article in the last few days that talked about the last time it was 50/50, about 20 years ago, and how they came to an agreement on how to conduct business. Wishing for that attitude, but it appears non-existent. But one can hope. I will try harder to take that approach individually in my own life and make what difference I can in my own surroundings. Less spitting in the wind. Onward.

    • yeah I was a bit hyped up when I wrote that, trying to get too much information out at once, sorry about that.
      thanks for stopping by

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